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Alcorn, Janis, John Bamba, Stefanus Masiun, Ita Natalia, and Antoinette Royo. In press, forthcoming in 2002. "Keeping Ecological Resilience Afloat in Cross-Scale Turbulence: An Indigenous Social Movement Navigates Change in Indonesia" (A.G., chapter editor). In Navigating Nature's Dynamics: Building Resilience for Adaptive Capacity in Social-Ecological Systems, by F. Berkes, J. Colding, and C. Folke, eds. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Gökdemir, Aziz. 1998. Interconnected Istanbul Stories. Istanbul: Gendas. (Turkish)

Gökdemir, Aziz. 1998. "Sunflowers." In Traces, an anthology of 16 stories by young Turkish writers, by Mehmet Bari, Ayse Tekin, eds. Köln: Voice of Germany/Önel-Verlag. (German/Turkish)

Saroyan, William. Forthcoming in 2002. One Last Book Before I Die, a collection of stories culled from The Daring Young Man, Inhale and Exhale and Madness in the Family (A.G., Foreword, series editor, translator along with Arman Artuç and Ohannes Kiliçdagi). Istanbul: Aras Publishing, William Saroyan Project, Book 2. (Turkish)

Saroyan, William. Forthcoming in 2002. The Human Comedy (A.G., Foreword, series editor). Istanbul: Aras Publishing, William Saroyan Project, Book 2. (Turkish)

Saroyan, William. 2001. Days of Life and Death and Escape to the Moon (A.G., Foreword, series editor, tr. by Beril Eyüboglu). Istanbul: Aras Publishing, William Saroyan Project, Book 2. (Turkish)

Saroyan, William. 2001. The Courage of Cowards (A.G., Foreword, series editor, tr. by Ohannes Kiliçdagi). Istanbul: Aras Publishing, William Saroyan Project, Book 1. (Turkish)


"On the Trail of Books, in the Footsteps of Hamasdegh and Hagop Mintzuri" (Istanbul: Agos Weekly, July 21, 2001). (Turkish/Armenian)

Ancient and Modern Armenian Literature -- A Mini-Anthology (Introduction; editor/translator; Istanbul: E Magazine, July 2000). (Turkish)

Washington Dispatches and other articles (Istanbul: E Magazine, April 1999-2000). (Turkish)

A Day in (and Beyond) Bitlis with William Saroyan (Istanbul: E Magazine, May 1999). (Turkish)

Sundays from Washington (Istanbul: Cumhuriyet, 1998-1999). (Turkish)

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Project Management, Consulting, Marketing, Other Writing and Substantive Editing

Benchmarking Group International (BGI): Edited benchmarking seminar proposals and patent applications, public materials for Web site and proposals, questionnaires.

Biodiversity Support Program (BSP) of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF): As project manager and co-editor, put together cost estimates, oversaw budget and supervised a team of freelance editors, designers, and translators for Transboundary Natural Resource Management, a 17-volume French-English publication.

Grammarians, Inc.: Edited and rewrote company Web site content.

International Resources Group (IRG): Interviewed staff and rewrote Relief and Reconstruction Division marketing brochure.

No Greater Love: Rewrote promotional materials and fundraising correspondence for Memorial Day activities.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Prepared marketing presentation for "The Terai Arc: New Vision... Last Chance," a cross-border conservation effort linking wildlife reserves while sustaining indigenous communities.

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Clients include the following (please request a resume for a list of projects and other details):

American Bankers Association

American Health Lawyers Association

American Nurses Association/Foundation

Appalachian Regional Commission

Biodiversity Support Program (BSP-WWF)

Commission for Labor Cooperation

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Grammarians, Inc.

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)


U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Department of State/Pricewaterhouse Coopers

World Bank

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Other Writing Experience

University of Iowa Masters Thesis (1992)
"Problems and Prescriptions in Multinational Management in regard to Entering Emerging Markets and Handling Crises."

Staff Writer and Columnist for The Daily Iowan (1990-1992)
During different periods of employment, reported on science, the environment, social issues, and the arts; wrote over 100 articles under deadline including a feature on the Big Splash theory of life's origins on Earth and a four-part series on acquaintance rape.

Other Work Experience (past lives for curious readers)

Administrative and Executive Assistant, Temporary Staffing, Inc., Washington, D.C.
Environmental surveyor, The Environmental Company, Charlottesville, Virginia.
Wedding photographer, Washington, D.C.
Sales Associate, Ritz Camera, Arlington, Virginia.
Teaching Assistant, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
Delivery truck driver, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
Hospital stock room worker, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
Catering employee, University of Iowa, Iowa City.
Cartoonist, Robert College and Istanbul Technical University in-house publications, Istanbul, Turkey.

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M.S., Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, University of Iowa (1992)
Iowa City, Iowa

B.S., School of Management, Istanbul Technical University (1989)
Istanbul, Turkey

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