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What's up with the people at right?
Just ignore them. They'll carry on as soon as you've exited this page...

What is the Archive?
It's a virtual corkboard, or filing cabinet. You'll have a pretty good idea once you've followed a few sections from the main page.

Since I'm involved in editing/writing projects in both the US and Turkey but reside in the US primarily, offering translations of or information on the Turkish side of things was one of the core ideas behind this English-language Web site, though I've found myself inevitably drifting toward working on posting artwork and original content in English in a dated-journal format, since these are a lot less rigid and formal than constructing online archives based on reams of work created in various creative spheres. In a separate section, EYE, I'll dig into my collection of eyewitness histories and translated synopses of third-party opinion that I think would be of interest to people who follow Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish, and Greek issues and would like to get a diverse selection of what's being published in Turkey (when I say diverse I don't mean I would post predictable opinions one can find in mainstream publications or Web sites; I believe nonviolent dissent that appears in Turkey is not widely available outside of the country and that's what I would focus on, in what little way I can). This too will be in the works for a while, for obvious reasons.

Who are you?
I was born in 1967 in eastern Turkey, to two Turkish doctors who were heading back to the country's west following the completion of their service in what was then called the "social development region." (In those days, "social development" involved dumping clueless doctors with no supplies, exiled bureaucrats and teachers, and lethargic conscripts there -- minor actors in the opening act of subsequent bloodshed of epic proportions -- i.e., the "Kurdish conflict" that raged on from the 1970s to just about the end of the 20th century, moving at that point onto another, "gentler" plane where it's currently on hold... but shaking). After stops in three major Turkish cities, an American high school, a Turkish and an American university, I settled in the United States in 1990. I'm an industrial engineer by training, but I work as an editor and project manager. I primarily work with large organizations in the Washington, D.C. area such as the World Wildlife Fund and the World Bank. I published a book of short stories in Turkey in 1998 and I'm trying to finish a novel in 2002 (isn't everyone, though?). Further details can be found in the Work and Books sections.

What's the deal with the artwork? copyright? reproduction?
All of it's by me, unless otherwise indicated or credited. (Icons are usually modified versions of what's available in the public domain.) I hold the copyright but you can use my images for non-commercial purposes as long as you ask me first and credit me properly with a link back to my Art Gallery or the main page.

(Please do not link to an image on my server unless I've specifically given you permission to do that, as I have with Kaleidoscope.)

I myself intend to use others' work in certain parts of the Archive, mostly things in the public domain or with the copyright holder's permission. In some rare cases I reproduce photographs from mass media without going through their cumbersome "licensing" process (an exception is Corbis, because they have reasonable rates for non-commercial use and it's not an ordeal, even though they're owned by Microsoft -- go figure). I always give proper credit in those cases; this being the Web, and this being a non-commercial site, I consider that "fair use," but if anybody has a problem I'll remove the offending image. This goes for text as well.

Do you sell your photographs?
I'm only just beginning to get into framing for my own pleasure, so simply from a logistics-driven perspective the answer at this point is no. But this may change in the future. Of course, if there's an image that you MUST have for your book cover or your study's wall (etc.), let me know and we can try to figure something out.

Is it possible to bookmark specific entries of the journal, or do I have to bookmark the entire month?
You can bookmark separate entries; even though the entire month resides on a single page in version 2.0, the days are coded as separate segments. The easiest way to bookmark a particular day would be to go to the journal menu page and use the link to the day you want. If you're already on a journal page, go to the top and use the number link under the banner to bookmark the day you want.


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Email me if you have more questions

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