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Who Comes Here?

[Here's a jumpcut to the funny search terms below, you impatient little doves... And keep checking for weekly updates (well, that's what I wrote originally, but try once every quarter; the searches are coming in faster than I can deal with them); the newest additions to this page will be in
subdued green and appear clustered at the top of each category.]

O flock, wherefrom do you hail? Who knows?

On any given day, an average of 40-50 unique visitors pass through these pages. (This does not include people directly accessing my images through an authorized site.) The visitors break down evenly between "regulars" and those stumbling across a page through a search engine (you will find the search terms they enter below) or a Web link, a small number of whom end up joining the regulars -- who remain, of course, a mystery to me beyond their approximate locations and/or ISPs.

The site was in beta during its first year, May 1999 to May 2000, with the URL given out to only a few people before June 2000, at which point it was registered with search engines and the like. Since then, I've logged visits from 56 countries (and territories), with the top 10 accounting for 90 percent of the hits. In alphabetical order (by actual name, not by two-letter ID), the places are:

Latest additions:

51. Yemen [ye] [Free Photo Turkish Girls 18]
52. Iceland [is] [Crater lakes heat budget]
53. Oman [om] [no refer]
54. Luxembourg [lu]
55. India [in] [photo of woman in nervous mood]
56. Brazil [br] [asli erdogan]

The first 50:

ar (Argentina)
au (Australia)
at (Austria)
be (Belgium)
ca (Canada)
cl (Chile)
cn (China--Hong Kong has its separate code)
co (Colombia)
cy (Cyprus--includes people from both sides of the divided island)
cz (Czech Republic)
dk (Denmark)
eg (Egypt)
ee (Estonia)
fi (Finland)
fr (France)
ge (Georgia)
de (Germany)
gr (Greece)
hk (Hong Kong--code remains after return to mainland China)
id (Indonesia)
ir (Iran)
ie (Ireland)
il (Israel)
it (Italy)
jp (Japan)
my (Malaysia)
mx (Mexico)
nl (Netherlands)
no (Norway)
nz (New Zealand)
pl (Poland)
pk (Pakistan)
pt (Portugal)
ro (Romania)
ru (Russia)
sa (Saudi Arabia)
sg (Singapore)
sk (Slovakia)
si (Slovenia)
za (South Africa)
es (Spain)
se (Sweden)
ch (Switzerland)
tw (Taiwan)
tr (Turkey)
ua (Ukraine)
ae (United Arab Emirates)
uk and gb (United Kingdom)
us (United States)
uy (Uruguay)

in addition to:

European Union [] and US domains com, net, org, mil, arpa,, gov

I use a free stats service to track these, and it only catches about 80 percent of the hits to the site, and sometimes foreign ISPs use American domains, so if you've been here and you don't see your country, let me know and I'll add it pronto.


Search Terms

[The ones marked with (*) appear with some frequency. I'll exclude this section of the site from search engine spidering so that we don't perpetuate a cycle.]

The What Could They Possibly Be Thinking? Category

a photo of my dead go into the funeral
after getting drenched
bayliss poodle
bedroom pissing photo
best of turkish anal
Blacks on Turkish
brooklyn bar hardcore beer
carton fuck photo (*)
Circumcise Phimosis Turkish Photo Forum
communists naked photo
cute hag deniz
dog penis sizes
Don't cry for me Indiana
educational full frontal nudity
epiphany hag witch
embarrass photo
famous sing photo fucking (*) [I get this so many times, from Malaysia to Japan to Iran, that I'd like to offer a prize to the first person who steps forward to demystify it]
ferry barfing we
fuck photo hollywood
fucked tad gays
gallery fuck man
high diving turkish fox commercial
inject vegetable oil penis
lady's urinator [from the Czech Republic]
love profanity
mother fucked child photo
Mr Olympia updating
obnoxious uncle photo
oddly enough pic image photo
on the car turkish fuck
penis sizes that women like
photo de pit-bull combatant
photo my scuba suit
photo of sucky
raccoon penis
roman wrestling naked where penis
Saturday Night Live and Uncircumcised
really small penis slept with
she urinated over my face
stop coughing cold sick
teenager brutal urinated
turkish deep pile
turkish dude love
Turkish history, school children, teeth
what is IT bill gates
wheelchair kevin photo
women close trash photo
women discuss penis

People with Questionable Intentions

anal mini girl photo
anal saudi girl photo (*)
animal penis photo
armenian penis picture
aziz terrorists
baltimore booze cruise photo
bobby knight is an asshole
boy young penis
child urination photo
children violence fuck photo
chow fighting pit bull clips
crusty ill tempered german photo
dead body pic, dead body photo (*)
dead body photo [this time by someone at]
finger fucking girlfriend photo
free arnold schwarzenegger penis pic
fuck mother and son pic
gallery photo american fucked
horrible crime scene photo rape
journal of photo of bare women
kid penis photo
little girls archive photographs gallery
men fucking fish
mom fucking photo
muslim atrocity photo
naked in the locker room
photos israeli young boys
prison cocksucker
San Francisco sucks!
saudi anal photo
saudi girls photo (*)
schoolgirl photographs, archive gallery schoolgirl (*)
student essays archive
teenager soft photo
Tom Cruise's Ass Photo
turkish gay rape
turkish giant poppy
uncircumcised prison rape

Other Strange Searches

AGA bike helmets
americans fighting dogs
androgynous photo
andy warhol sleep (*)
angry cat photo (*)
anna comic photo
anti-american pic
art gallery portfolio hidden
avenger 2000
aziz art (*)
aziz cases
bareness on beaches with photo [from Dade County public schools, Miami, Florida]
belly dancer slave girl photo
bob knight avoid mistakes
blue blood atrocity
bullying aktüel
cameo camera
canine fetish, dog fetish (*)
chinese proverb film women pigeons
cousin's turkish
cracked rape
crapper photo
darling photo fuck
Drunk american soldier photos
Enema Fetish
explorer faqing
faqing picture
fat Italian guy photo
furry enema (*)
gist dean winters
glow stick night club photo
hidden faces museums galleries
incest feedback
kissing photo man
magic gay fuck photo
malaysia pissing photo
man crapping picture
marijuana, photo, amazing, giant
mark knopfler atheist
mark wheelchair photo
men turk fetish picture [from Ukraine]
money for nothing Dire Straits faggot lyric lyrics gay glad
muscle elegance nudity
Nancy And Karate Photo
photo of man pruning bush
photo of someone barfing, barfing photo
photo she jail uniforms
picture old man bareness
pillows sleep
pit bull photos of fights
Poverty BMX Bikes
rap screen mate's
seagull camera
singer turkish photo (*)
skinheads drinking in a bar picture
strain brickell
sunscreen intrusion
"ten faces"
turkish fetish
turkish fucking turkish
turkish sewer rat
turkish trendy
ugliest trucks
ugly dog pictures (*)
urban planner nudity
winters oz gist

More Banality

american beauty clip nudity
american horny girls
Arnold Schwarzenegger naked
arnold schwarzenegger uncircumcised
beach stud
beautiful Turkish males
"belly dancer" photo
big and penis and photo
big penis guys photo
blond gallery (*)
celebrity full frontal
dean winters and chris meloni naked (*) [and their alleged dirtyness, gayness, girlfriends, and their penises, specifically in the act of pissing, have been the subject of an endless stream of searches, from as far as United Arab Emirates, ever since I panned Oz's hokey scripts, scenery-chewing acting and use of gratuitous nudity] [variations include "meloni bloom oz" and other nonsense]
desktops photos with nudity
flaccid penis photo (*)
free photos of turkish girls
free xxxxxx photo
free video turkish oil wrestling
fucking for turkish women
gay naked man photo malaysia
gay, twinks, homosexuals, gaycinema, gay porn, and gay universe
gay turkish males, gay turkish man photo, gay oil wrestling
girls that are horny
libya gay penis photo
naked turkish-american women
naked turkish ass
naked turkish gays, naked turkish men
hot Turkish girls
hot and nasty turkish girls
naked greece photo
naked Turkish guys, men (*)
oil wrestling gay
penis (*) [Others: penis photo, Photo Penis Rings, penis flopping, penis cut photo]
people who enjoy nudity links
photo fuck iran
photo turkish love
pic of turkish men fucking another man
pics of uncircumcised men haveing sex
sex picks, uncut dicks, hardcore porn, and free site
thomas anders gay
tom fontana gay
trinidad nudity
turkish chicks (*)
turkish fucking lust
turkish fucking photos
turkish gay (*) [Others: turkish gays, guys, men, Turkish gay ass, pics, photos]
turkish girls fuck
turkish guys
turkish men fucking
turkish nudity pic (*)
turkish penis, large Turkish penis (*) [includes hits from China and the Republic of Georgia]
turkish teens photo
turkish women fucking
uncircumcised [+penis photos, +penis picks, +pissing] (*)
wrestling gay iran

Places, People, Issues and History (Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish, Greek)

Abdullah Ocalan (*) [www.abdullah ö, ocalan gallery, ocalan european 2000, oecalan, photo]
ahmet altan
Alevi history
Aintab, Aintab online
american women dating turkish men
anatolia project pictures
Ara Güler (*)
arapgir (*) [Others: arapgir history armenians, armenians in arapgir]
armenian genocide, armenian genocide photographs
armenian photos
armenians diyarbakir turkey
Asli Erdogan (*)
assyrian archive
assyrian monasteries turkey
atatürk dam
ayse tekin
Aziz Gökdemir, gokdemir (*)
bari photo
club ecstasy istanbul
dersim photo
diyarbakir castle fortress
egin-kemaliye (*) [Others: eghin, Egin Armenians, and variations]
Essays on Turkey
ezginin günlügü (*)
Famous Turkish-American Artists
fbi turkish
feridun andac
Ferzan Ozpetek
fikret otyam (*)
gay turkish
greek genocide
greek hooligans
greektown in new york (*)
hamasdegh (*)
harran (*)
harput (*) [Others: armenians pictures harput]
hasankeyf, hasankeyf history (*)
Homa ke nero
hromgla (Rumkale)
human rights in turkey
ia santorini
immigrant turkish
istanbul (*) [Includes: Istanbul gallery, photographs, images, istanbul apartment, istanbul boat rental, Istanbul photo AND sunset, istanbul drug scene, istanbul earthquake, golden horn in istanbul]
istanbul golden gate horn san francisco
karagiozis, karagiozis sound, pictures (*)
keban photos, keban dam images
kurdish friend
lesbians, turkish
man turkish photo
map of Turkey
marmara island
mardin [includes: mardin photo, mardin man in pictures, mardin city, mardin guide] (*)
metin akpinar
muhsin kut (*)
nazim hikmet (*) [includes: nazim hikmet dead girl Hiroshima, nazim hikmet foundation]
ohannes kilicdagi
orhan kemal (*)
ouranopouli (*) [includes: Ouranopouli Atos, Mt. Athos photo]
ottoman harem (*)
ölü deniz
photo of turkish woman life
photo Tigris Euphrates Dam
Photos of Kurdish Rebellion
picture of turkish flag
pictures of Turkish men
pierre loti cafe
real arab in urfa
roman mosaic bbc turkey reservoir
seda akpinar
sinan cetin (*)
skinheads turks
Tourism and kurdish conflict
tunceli armenian harput
turkey kale villa rent
turkish american (*) [includes: turkish american immmigrants, turkish-american population, turkish american newspapers, Turkish-American San Francisco, turkish-american community new york city, turkish american numbers]
turkish appearance
turkish beach photo (*)
turkish beautiful singer, singer from turkey pic [and variations] (*)
turkish belly dancer
turkish body odor
turkish bureaucracy
Turkish celebrity shows
turkish chats
turkish child photo
turkish cypress
Turkish Dancer (*)
Turkish DVDs
turkish films
turkish flag burning picture
turkish genius
turkish gentleman photo with car
Turkish History uniforms
turkish homosexuality
turkish hooligans (*)
turkish lesbians
turkish magazines in pic
turkish man pic, photo (*)
turkish man friend
turkish mcdonald stores
Turkish men
turkish oil wrestling photos (*)
turkish photo
turkish photo cd
Turkish photo old
turkish nationalistic page
turkey photos "belly dancer"
turkish police bikes
turkish student psychologists
turkish-syrian border
Turkish title of honor
turkish wrestling [turkish wrestling rules, pics] (*)
urfa (*) [includes: balikli göl, heat of urfa, urfa and corbis, urfa syria photos, prophet abraham and urfa, summer 2000]
unitarians in Turkey
yesim ustaoglu
William Saroyan best stories
Zeugma (*) [includes: Gaziantep, Halfeti, ilisu, roman mosaic, dam, photographs, pictures]

Other Places, People, Issues and History

letter from birmingham jail
tragedy photos columbine holocaust

aaron mcgruder (*) [includes: aaron mcgruder and bill watterson]
abandoned churches pictures
airport photo hotel libya
al sharpton hair photo famous
Alexander Pope image photo
american photo journal (*)
andy warhol (*) [includes: andy warhol museum, andy warhol self-portraits, andy warhol silver clouds exhibit]
baltimore valentine diner
belly dancer argentina
benchmarking group international
big splash theory
Bill Cobbs photo
blond kid
bobby knight, bobby knight speech (*)
capital punishment-money
cees nooteboom photo
cecile's staten island
central park riot photos
chivas regal (*) [+200 anniversary, +PR]
Columbia Gardens cemetery (*)
couples sleeping habits
dana hull [Washington post reporter]
David Ritz Camera
dead body
deaths guns photo
december in florida
dubya photo (*)
dustin hoffman photos
earl "the goat" manigault, earl the goat bio, photo (*)
earthquake dead body photo
english fence
environmental surveyor
Essays on Hats
exchange rate misalignment concepts and measurement for developing countries
fundraising correspondence
George G. Raymond
german contributions to the world
golden gate bridge gallery
herbicide dealers in NJ
horizon bar and staten island
immigrant photo archives german argentina
incest rape stories
instruction on bike tricks
Ismail Kadare
jenna bush, photos, picture (*)
journals holocaust industry
judgements on prison rape
leftist journal
lieberman jew
macedonia politics
malaysia execution photo
manhattan skyline large photos
manila water concession, water privatization manila (*)
mark dumol
muslim funeral photo
nancy firedrake
napalm explosions photo
new york state police troopers
nicola Bart [refers to Sacco and Vanzetti, presumably]
NJ NYC ferry
no dogs jew blacks photo
NYC and Biking (*) [includes: nyc bike ride bridge, Bike New York, biking in NYC New York" bicycle clothes discount, Bike Parking New York Tree]
nyc skyline, new york skyline photos from staten island
obesity photo
photo Peter Ustinov
photo of person cutting head in saudi
pictures of dog bite victims
pictures of kitchen alcoves
pictures of the kennewick man
pit bull deaths photo
positano caldwell jersey
pretty Irish Woman photo
Queensboro bridge toll in New York?
rabid pit bull photo
reality asylum rien post
religious views on capitalism
Roger Waters AND Andrew Oldham school
rollerblader wipeouts (*)
rollerblade "Potomac Mills"
Ronald Keith Williamson DNA death penalty
russian police strip search pic
russian soldier photos (*)
ruth snyder (*) [includes: photo of execution, live]
Scott Anderson U9
second hand bookstores
slaughter lamb photo
snowblade inventor, snowblading pictures, photos (*)
soldier photos
space woman
staten island ferry, staten island lodging (*)
the hassles that be
tom clancy socialism william ebenstien
tourist man sunscreen photo
ugliest holocaust pic in the world
uzi woman israeli photo
vasectomy photo
Verrazano bridge poem, Verrazano Bridge Photo John Paul Jones Park
Vladislava Gordic
war photos crosses and tombstones
wheelchair ms photo, wheelchair photo woman (*)
white people Anacostia
zhang zyi, zhang zyi pictures (*)

Arts, Entertainment

american pie screenshots, poster (*)
Ananova (*) [includes:, screenshots, virtual newscaster, web newscaster, ananova pictures, who owns ananova]
art archive gallery amazing
art gallery istanbul
art gallery of pigeons
art self portraits, self-portraits (*)
avalon baltimore
boondocks (*) [includes: screenshots, Aaron McGruder, cartoons, riley, aaron mcgruder art about boondocks, boondocks and anime, boondocks dictionary]
budweiser real american hero radio commercial
Call for the Dead LeCarre
canon fd 28
chivas regal posters
crouching tiger hidden dragon
desktop wallpaper vermeer delft
foggy day photo
fox mating images (*)
Funky Winkerbean Books, funky winkerbean strip archive
gallery nevada art
ghetto hip hop desktops
harem suare, harem suare film images (*)
human eye photo archive
image icons "silence please"
istanbul photos
Jackie Chiles Sound Page
john keats "On Running Away"
judges robes picture
kitapnet (Turkish online bookseller)
little drummer girl synopsis, little drummer girl photo (*)
mirror lens photo, 500 mirror lens
neighborhood watch sign picture
Oz HBO (*) [includes: tapes, oz hbo dick, HBO OZ Homosexuality, HBO OZ photos prison "set design", tony soprano's boat, Oz cast salaries, oz prison show, Oz HBO scene screen shot] [see also the banality category above with Dean Winters]
önel verlag, oenel verlag
photo american big trucks
photo chessboard
photo journal social
photographs of the human face (*)
Pictures of hourglass
pictures of a newscaster
pig head on a stick [a William Golding reference, I certainly hope]
posterity press
prison representation oz hbo television
psychedelic art gallery
Rodney King beating photo
sad poems that involve drunk driving
saturday night live skit arnold schwarzenegger governor march
seagull photographs
self-portraits gallery
sherman's lagoon wallpaper (*)
snowboarder holding can of mountain dew
Soprano house (*) [Others: tony soprano's house, north caldwell, "techno song" AND "sopranos", Tony Soprano's boat]
steve dallas cartoon
still photographs of The Perfect Storm
SUV San Francisco
sunflowers clip art
survivor canoe pic [refers to the US TV show; we'll need this note a few years down the road]
tree photograph
viking horns picture
we happy now Fame song
where can i watch the sopranos in new york city bar
Wu-Tang Gravel Pit Music clips
www.turkish photo art gallery

Search Terms Visitors Have Entered into This Site's Search Engine

andy warhol
ara güler
asli erdogan
blue lagoon
campell's soup can
chivas regal
dean winters
feridun andac
orhan kemal
san francisco
scott anderson
screen capture
seda akpinar
six for gays photo
william saroyan

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