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January 20, 2001
The Dracula Addendum

I was going through ski trip stuff, getting rid of junk, when I came across a section from a local Pennsylvania paper. Whereas all other sections ended up in the fire last weekend, this one, with a columnist's mugshot, survived, and I'm sure you'll understand why:


I have noooo comment on this, obviously. Well, other than perhaps some people should be a little more conscientious in picking out portraits to be associated with their names in somewhat wide distribution so that other people do not get a chance to entertain connotations purely based on names and physical appearance. Which we all know is wrong.

Anyway, it arose that one does not go to the beautiful city of Pittsburgh and write about it without including photographs, so here's a couple. The first one is what's known as a postcard shot, taken from the observation deck of the Mononghela Incline (I hope I spelled that right), just a few doors down from the aforementioned Grandview Saloon, which naturally has a very similar view. The second is a house in the same South Side neighborhood. I think I like it more than its worth, perhaps it's because of the tree, and all the freaky shadows. I like the color of the sky, too; it was a crisp, but cold day, in April, 1999. (I took the other photograph in 1995.)

Pittsburgh, Mononghela Incline, 1995

Pittsburgh, South Side House, 1999

Since we're talking about photographs, you should know that my favorite Pittsburgh image is still the time exposure at the Andy Warhol Museum's Silver Clouds exhibit. It lives in the Art Gallery's Self-Portraits portfolio.

I wanted to stop by the museum again last Monday before we headed back to Washington, but a friend we were giving a ride to didn't have the time. In any case, the others who did try reported that the museum was closed for the day. But as everyone knows, not being able to see the Warhol Museum ranks rather low on the totem pole of personal tragedies, and his work is really easy to imitate. To wit:



DD, I'd really go with another photo, man. Or another name. I'm just saying.

Close-up of teeth

You could go see an orthodontist, too. That might do the trick.


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