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January 9, 2001
She Wins

OK, what's this 111111.html in my referrer logs? The Asylum must be talking shit about me again.

Dear Rien:

For the record, I said, "Crusty," not "Prickly." To prove Nancy right, the former term has been used to describe me as well. As for the pants, I had to scan them since I don't own a digital camera -- one of the good things about working from home -- and we never defined the stakes, but she wins again. See for yourself:

It's official: Rien and Aziz wear the same size Levi's

We always knew she had a good eye, didn't we?

By the way, crusty was but one of the adjectives we used during the discussion, others were much more benign and positive, and thus would embarrass you, you being the crusty sort and all...

Do come and visit, if you can. You don't need to worry about hotels (or pants, apparently).


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