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An eclectic and skewed sample plucked from among the thousands of bookmarks I've accumulated over the years...

Books and Writing

¶ The University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center - full text of books whose copyright has expired.
Arts and Letters Daily.
¶ The University of Pennsylvania's Online Books page.
Jack London - a nearly complete compendium.
Borges - a garden of forking paths.
Istanbul Boy - the first volume of the English translation of Turkish writer Aziz Nesin's autobiography, courtesy of the Nesin Foundation and the University of Texas.
Contemporary Turkish Literature - a collection of translated excerpts for the non-Turkish-speaking reader.
Epigraf - a collection of Turkish poetry and prose, along with world literature translated into Turkish.
Sibel Tekin's site on Turkish poetry - a collection of Turkish originals and translated versions.
¶ An archive of Oral Turkish Narrative at Texas Tech University - a trove of folk songs, epics, and the like.
Aras Publishing - Istanbul-based publishers of Armenian literature. We collaborate frequently.
Words Without Borders - acclaimed literary translation site featuring literature from around the world.
Zoetrope: All Story.
Stanislaw Lem.
Nazim Hikmet. [in Turkish]
Orhan Veli. [in Turkish]
The William Saroyan Foundation.
Theodore Roethke - selected poems.
Advanced Book Exchange - an inventory database of second-hand bookstores around the world.
Bookfinder - a mega-database of companies like ABE put together.
Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller - good deals on remainders.
¶ The Library of Congress and their new Web-improved catalog.

Research and Freelancing Resources

Creative Commons.
The Grammar Lady.
Merriam-Webster's - dictionary and thesaurus.
The Bartleby Reference Collection - dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, books of quotations, factbooks, and so on.

News and Commentary

The Onion.
Hye-Tert - news digest about Turkey's Armenian community and the diaspora, and about Turkish politics and human rights issues in general [mostly in Turkish, with some articles in English and Armenian].
BBC Europe.
Murat Belge is a beacon of sanity. [in Turkish]

History and Human Rights

Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham jail and the address delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (better known, of course, as the "I have a dream" speech).
¶ Act Up's manual on civil disobedience.
Thoreau's thoughts on civil disobedience.
The Justice Project - an organization dedicated to saving wrongfully convicted individuals on Death Row.
Stop Prisoner Rape.
Index for Free Expression.
Nizkor - an educational resource on the Holocaust with an emphasis on rebutting denial.
The Zoryan Institute's announcement on Taner Akçam's book, From Empire to Republic: Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide.
The Vanished Gallery - Argentina's "disappeared."
Without Sanctuary - a photo-history of lynching in the US, from the excellent multimedia site, Musarium (formerly "Journal E").

Eyewitness History

The Musarium (formerly "Journal E").
¶ Living in Bombland: Mar. 27-29 | Apr. 6-8 | Apr. 9-12 - A Serbian diary during the NATO bombing of 1999, by Vladislava Gordic.
A Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - by Nigel Parry, a Scottish journalist and web designer who lived among Palestinians for four years.

Painting and Other Graphic Arts

Mark Harden's Artchive - One of the best sources for well-known paintings on the Web.
Art Museum dot Net.
Picasso: The Blue Period Exhibit.
Vermeer paintings on the Web.
The Dance of Life: Edvard Munch paintings on the Web.
Sherman's Lagoon.
Scott McCloud.
Bruno -- an acclaimed Web-only strip.

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