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Self-portrait at the Silver Clouds exhibit, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
Self-portrait at the Silver Clouds exhibit, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.
(Aziz Gökdemir, February 1998.)


To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Those are aluminum foil air pillows floating around the room thanks to a few strategically placed fans running continuously. I'm not a big Warhol fan, but this exhibit alone may be worth the rather steep admission to the museum, if not the trip to Pittsburgh. You're allowed to walk into the room and punch the pillows around, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't been a kid in a long long time.
spaceThis is the place Frank Costanza should have come for relaxation in the Seinfeld episode that had him yelling, "Serenity now!" to cope with stress. Five minutes in here and one can almost forget the relentless, cheery suffocation of Christmasmania, not to mention all the pre-millennial tomfoolery.
spaceSomeday, when I have a basement I'll try to re-create this exhibit.

December 20, 1999

Krazy Kat pacing
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