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Intro photograph
This photo is one of 11 from the August 3, 2000 journal entry. The Art Gallery is the best place to look if you're interested in photos, but each journal page contains at least one.

The Backstory has the obligatory cast, glossary, a link to my bio, Why I Write, factoids, the works. They're all mercifully short. Links for email, searching, FAQing are at the bottom of the page.

[A note on navigation for the entries spanning August 8 - December 30, 2000: Each month resides on a single, multi-entry page, so if you're just browsing, it's best to click a month's top link instead of a particular day's link. If you're using Internet Explorer you may end up with the day you want just off the bottom of the screen when you click on a day link. Scroll down to read.]

December 2000
¶ December 30: The Cemeterial Coda.
¶ December 27: The Necropolitan Differential. "Where were you when we took Calais?"
¶ December 21: Attica II.
¶ December 19: Snow and Separation.
¶ December 17-18: Concessions at Dawn.
¶ December 12: The Sleeping Bag. And Rickie Lee Jones, the kid who would grow up to be a murderer, and even Bob Dole -- but not together...
¶ December 4: Sister Act 2. Again, not a review. Not even about the movie. Better titles, better titles needed now.

November 2000
¶ November 29: Unbreakable. Not a review. And I'm not.
¶ November 28: In Sickness and in Frustration... A little paragraph, a little picture, that's all.
¶ November 22: Communion.
¶ November 17: The Bookmark.
¶ November 15: The Dead Squirrel, and Other Thoughts.
¶ November 10: As They Grow.

October 2000
¶ October 25: Where's Waldo? Part III. Et tu, Hadjivat?
¶ October 23: Where's Waldo? Part II.
¶ October 18: Where's Waldo? Part I.
¶ October 1 (and beyond): Vacation.

September 2000
¶ September 23: Money and Death- "In the matter of Ozzie Golkmedir versus the great state of Virginia and this glorious country and everything it stands for in all its unabashed glory so help me God and our enemies be fucked up the ass, what say you?"
¶ September 16: Oz: Penis Penis All Day Long.
¶ September 13: So Long, Bobby Knight.
¶ September 11: The Tomato War.
¶ September 9: The Gays Have Landed, Sah!- Keystone cops turn away a gay cruise, and I remember Grandma and Liberace.
¶ September 8: Lonesome Dove: The Mate's Return- Quick! Cancel the mail-order bride!
¶ September 5: Long Faces- All work and no play.
¶ September 2: Partings- Nicola and Bart and Manifest Destiny.

August 2000 (except August 3; see below).
¶ August 31: The Obnoxious Laws of the Poisoning Beautifier- Oh the stupid little battles in the "land of the free"...
¶ August 29: Fletcher's Boathouse: Enter the Urinator-- Exit Future Customers- I think the title says it all.
¶ August 25: "The Mexican"- Mad about simplistic labels.
¶ August 22: Looking for Booze in America- Again with the issues.
¶ August 19: I Want My Trenchcoat- In a John Woo mood.
¶ August 17: The House That Jack Built- Remembering an Earthquake.
¶ August 15: Seeds- Writers and hooking up and dying young.
¶ August 13: Over My Dead Body- Dodging Zealots in the Countryside.
¶ August 8: New York: No deal on the screenplay- Hold off on the 15 minutes.
space In the Beginning:

August 2000: Turkey - BorderlandsAugust 3, 2000: Borderlands. A trip back in time. Minarets, monasteries, ghosts of the past. And more children than China and India combined. Well, OK, not quite, but a presidential penis does make a cameo appearance, not to mention a cheap shot at American obesity.

June-July 2000, BikeNYC2000July 17, 2000: Bike New York 2000. We're not very patriotic as we join America's most crowded bike ride after a search for Tony Soprano's house. We grunt, we push, we finish tired but proud; we do marvelous compared to the guy whose car ends up in flames on the Jersey turnpike.

May 2000May 2, 2000: Hodge-Podge, in which a dog attacks me and I curse America's canine fetish. Retribution for getting into an argument with a fellow news aficionado who thought the number I cited for Armenian victims was too high? Nah, the dog walker had no mustache.

April 2000April 23, 2000: Ananova: The Web's First Virtual Newscaster. Yeah, what's up with men salivating over an apparition? More alarmingly, what's up with me?

March 2000March 6, 2000: Abdullah Öcalan: The Avenger, Transformed. Finally, something with a bit of effort in it. (But how did Leo the poodle get involved in all this?)

February 2000February 15, 2000: Pembleton, Bayliss, My Office... A visit to Baltimore brings out semi-coherent ramblings.

January 2000January 5, 2000: Yes, But Try Finding an Apartment. Lusting over San Francisco.

December 1999December 20, 1999: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Relaxing with Andy Warhol's pillows.

November 1999November 30, 1999: Taking the Boy Out of the Country, Taking the Country Out of the Turk. Incredibly... more whining.

October 1999October 9, 1999: A Long December, or There Was a Flock of Seagulls Before the Counting Crows. Whine whine whine. The first of six half-baked entries.


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