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This part of the site is no longer updated. Everything has been left pretty much as is (including the baby photo by way of explanation of the cessation of updates). Go to the main page to see what's new.

June 7, 2005
little baby feet

Intro photograph
Paw Paw, West Virginia, 2001. The Art Gallery is also a good place to go for photos, and each journal page here usually has at least one.


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¶ March 13: Letter from Nigeria.
¶ February 14: Buy It from the Monster.
¶ January 29: Chomsky's Cat.
¶ January 9: Hains Point.
¶ January 8: The Painted Car and the Field.
¶ January 7: The Does, Jonathan and Jennifer.

September-December 2001
¶ December 19: Far, Far from the Lake....
¶ November 27: I'm in a Fog.
¶ October 27: Damage.
¶ October 16: Mr. Gökdemir Has Left the Building.
¶ September 11: Thousands.

August 2001
¶ August 25: My City (Part VI). Blind to change.
¶ August 24: My City (Part V). Trespass.
¶ August 21: My City (Part IV). Whores and other finds.
¶ August 16: My City (Part III). Gems and thieves.
¶ August 11: My City (Part II). The waters.
¶ August 9: My City (Part I). Say hello to my little friend.

July 2001
¶ July 31: One of Us. I was at first sad after reading that a woman in her 80s had tripped and bumped her head and died. And then the coverage began...
¶ July 21: Jazz Legend Comes Clean.
¶ July 6: I'm Dead. No really.
¶ July 3: I'm 34 years old.

June 2001
¶ June 28: Terminator with a Cause. Another true story from the city.
¶ June 24: It's been quiet a while, hasn't it? I've been having some bizarre problems with the computer, in addition to an unusual workload. But I've got a lot of interesting stories lined up -- murder, heartbreak, out to sea, down the highway... you know, the usual; so check back a bit later. In other news, I've been told that the girl is not dead. Details to follow.
¶ June 12: Familiar Territory.

May 2001
¶ May 27: Some pretty cool new images added to the Numbers Gallery. Because I say so.
¶ May 26: For the Rest of Your Life.
¶ May 8: The Monk on the Wind-Swept Hill.
¶ May 1: In Other Words.

April 2001
¶ April 24: A Sorrow Beyond Dreams. An Armenian requiem.
¶ April 23: Alexandros. A Turkish requiem.
¶ April 19: Want.
¶ April 17: Plugging Back In.
¶ April 16: Working on taxes right up to the midnight deadline, a first.
¶ April 12: I've been under a pile of work, and I don't expect to emerge until April 17. See, I made a cool sidebar, though.
¶ April 5: The Coup, Part IV.
¶ April 3: The Coup, Part III.
¶ April 1: The Coup, Part II.

March 2001
¶ March 30: There's a new Stats section to amuse you. And The Coup begins today.
¶ March 26: Reporting Live. Sonny came home.
¶ March 19: Still.
¶ March 13: Streets II.
¶ March 12: Streets.
¶ March 11: A Million Books. A tribute of sorts.
¶ March 2: We Be Thieves, Stealing Furiously in the Night.

February 2001
¶ February 28: Silhouettes. And some words, yes.
¶ February 22: Flowers.
¶ February 21: Birds.
¶ February 14: <!-- Is This What You Wanted? -->
¶ February 10: More Bitlets.
¶ February 9: Dash.
¶ February 2: I Don't Have To Write This One.

January 2001
¶ January 31: Bandwagon. Should I license these?
¶ January 28: Careless.
¶ January 27: The Masturbatory Friend.
¶ January 23: Vignettes.
¶ January 21: Two Foxes Caught in the Act. A good walk, and four photographs.
¶ January 20: The Dracula Addendum. Here we go again with the Ludlumesque titles.
¶ January 18: Schallanjche. A ski trip, converting to snowblading, and with encouragement from friends and some wine, inventing eXtreme Chess.
¶ January 9: She Wins. Three journal keepers, two pairs of pants, one set of keen eyes, and a frivolous entry.
¶ January 8: Digital Wind.
¶ January 3: Community.

Observing Now

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New York City train (with Ftrain sign I photographed superimposed on the original "4") © Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Film canisters by Fuji and Ilford. Detail from "Wheatfield under Thunderclouds" by Van Gogh. "Observing Now" logo © and courtesy of MK. Turtle button courtesy of NP burb administrator. Follow link to see image credits for main page collage. Man in snow by my father, ca. 1964.

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