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Money and Death - Money and capital punishment, money and society as it sprawls.
"The Mexican" - Ethnic labeling; health care.


Borderlands - A journey around the Turkish-Syrian border, where Arab, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian and Kurdish history come together, not always with happy results. A popular article with search engines since it first appeared in August 2000.
Bike New York 2000 - An account of the most crowded communal bike ride in the United States.

Film Reviews

Originally written for Aegean Times. These articles will open in new windows so that you're not constrained by the frames at

Earth and Water (Homa ke Nero), a film by Panos Karkonevatos about a carefree, illiterate Greek Macedonian shepherd. A rural Romeo and Juliet.
Journey to the Sun, Yesim Ustaoglu's multi-award-winning, elegiac road film; a young Turkish man's journey into his Kurdish friend's village after the friend's death.
Harem Suare, Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek's claustrophobic saga of a concubine's rise through the ranks of the Ottoman harem.
Propaganda, Sinan Çetin's farcical take on Turkish bureaucracy back when bureaucrats still wore those serious hats.


THTB is the former mother lode of Web writing on this site. (This is no longer updated. Some of it will eventually find its way here, and some stuff will probably be deleted. I'm leaving it like a time capsule for now, dead links and expired memberships and all.)

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