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Kastoria, Greece, October 2000

It was toward the end of the summer of 2000, I think, when I began to collect numbers, inspired by Reality Asylum Warden/Wardmeister Rien's
<Numbers Project>. I dug through my archive to see what I had in there, and kept an eye out for them when I was out taking photographs. In the end I ended up with a (still growing) collection. I've decided put it all together as a gallery because I like how they look in a group -- some of them moody, others exuberant, colorful.

Up to this point some of these images have been only available as scattered icons throughout Rien's site, and of course, some of them are seeing the light of day for the first time. I'll also be able to show some large versions of the photographs here. If you see a magnifier icon you can click that or the image itself for the larger version (which in some cases, as noted, "pulls back" from the cropped number and shows you the area surrounding it).

01 through 0901 through 0901 through 0901 through 09
Click for numbers 1 through 9

10 through 1910 through 1910 through 1910 through 19
Click for numbers 10 through 19

20 through 5020 through 5020 through 5020 through 50
Click for numbers 20 through 50

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